Driving & Anxiety

drivinganxietyToday I wanted to talk about something a little different, and something that I’ve dealt with for the past several years. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it here on the blog, but ever since I learned how to drive, driving has more or less terrified me. I got my license as an 18 year old, but hated driving so much that I managed to avoid it most of the time. In college I lived in a small town where most things were in walking distance, and when they weren’t I had friends who were willing to take me places. The thing that I think always scared me in regards to driving is the aspect of control. The feeling that I’m responsible for keeping myself and other people safe is not one that I enjoy, especially when it seems that mistakes can be made so easily.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more and more uncomfortable with having to rely on other people to be my transportation, and a couple of months ago I decided it was time to stop letting my fear control how I lived my life, because that’s what it had turned in to. To get myself back behind the wheel, I had to take control of my thoughts. I recently listened to a podcast that resonated with me in which one of the speakers said that it was important to actually be aware of what you are thinking and your thought processes. This is a great first step to controlling them instead of letting them control you. I started to notice that when I thought about myself driving at all, I only thought of potential catastrophes, not potential successes. I also noticed that when my plans to practice driving fell through for some reason, I felt relieved that I didn’t have to take a risk, rather than disappointed that I didn’t have a chance to learn something.

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Polka Rose

tea party flatlay

Prepare yourself for tea set photo overload! This set has a bit of a story. I first fell in love with Royal Albert’s Polka Rose pattern around five years ago. I had grown up loving their classic Old Country Roses china, and even had a mini tea service for my dolls in that pattern. When I discovered Polka Rose, it seemed like the perfect updated edition of an old favorite, and fit my personality perfectly. After stalking it on the internet for several years, I finally decided to order it as a graduation present to myself! 😉

Royal Albert Polka Rose tea cup

The set is the prettiest pale mint green speckled with white polka dots. I love the gold rims, and the sprinkling of pinky roses. I ordered the tea service and four tea cups and saucers off of Amazon which was a bit cheaper than other sites. Eventually I’d love to add plates and serving-ware to my collection. I think it’s the perfect vintage tea set, and I can’t wait to use it for tea parties!

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Nail Polish Declutter

IMG_4719You guys, my nail polish collection has gotten a little out of hand. I recently counted up the bottles and found that I had a grand total of 38 polishes, and for me that is just way too many, and there is no way that I will ever use them all. Since I’m currently in full on spring-cleaning mode, I decided it was high time to declutter my collection- a lot of these polishes are pretty old and not even usable, meaning they just take up extra space in my life that I could be freeing up!

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